1. ~The Flash is getting two gay characters in season one~

    ~THE FLASH is getting TWO gay characters in season ONE~


  2. 50 Shades of Grey…

    • Isn’t he supposed to be older than her? I love Jaime, but he looks like a naked rat in this movie. WHERE. IS. THEBODY. (…hair)
    • LOL. Kink? LOLOL. Fucking heterosexual white people putting on a blindfold and calling it “kink”. God fucking damn it. This is so vanilla it hurts. I know the book was called “uber vanilla” but the movie is going to be 10000x more so.
    • Ugh.
    • White, straight people.
    • No time for that shit.
    • Uuuugh.
  3. Someone needs to make a meme of the Pam and Ginger 2006 scene.

    The “I made this” meme or whatever?

    It would be so perfect.

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    Things I Need:

    • True Blood spin-off of Eric and Pam in the 80s.
  5. Sookeh is my QUEEN~~~~~~~~

    She is so CUNT in so many ways and I am going to miss her so much when this show ends.

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    SYTYCD. Found youtube links that cut out all the crap inbetween.

    Here we go.

    Rant time.

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  7. Anna Paquin is Queen of the Bisexuals.

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    1. person: so where did you learn html?
    2. me: not.... neopets...
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    It seems like such a waste to have the UFC fighters fight each other.

    Why can’t they just have gay sex?