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    what legit happened in this scene

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    When a fandom’s most popular ship is a lesbian one


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  5. ladylinencloset said: i love that you've not changed your blog title. instant nostalgia.

    hahaha I didn’t even remember what it was until I just checked.

  6. Going to re-watch Mission Impossible. Because of reasons.

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    It’s so…weird…that straight men enjoy 300.

    That movie is pretty much tailor made for the gay man.

  8. Ooooooohlord I love Meghan Trainor. So much. The throw-back sound is SO GOOD. And she just sounds so different. I get a little Etta James? Like, her voice is a little deeper and throaty and not all that “pretty” or “poppy”? Am I crazy? Probably. Whatever. She is one of my new favs.

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    Cazwell is a gift to this world.

  10. I almost want to throw up more now after reading about the Adrian Peterson stuff than I did when I was sick with Norwalk Virus. Maybe I’m just some “yuppy hippie” or something, but causing pain to your child to “teach” them something makes me sick to my core. I don’t care what the situation is. I can’t even get on board with spanking. There are a thousand ways to discipline your kid that don’t involve physically hurting them. And just because you don’t “leave marks” when you do it does NOT mean it isn’t hurting them.