1. Well, Tyce did a dance about a blind person.

    So that opening number isn’t looking so bad anymore…

  2. Oh no…

    I can already tell by this opening outfit…

    There is going to be African Jazz…

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    No dance deserves to be choreographed to “Wind Beneath my Wings”.

    Seriously. That song only belongs in a power-point montage with clip art doves in the background or something.

    Also, can I just? CAN I JUST?

    I need to go OFF on this fucker. K? I just need to.


    Eleven years and 10,000 homos into the game, SYTYCD decides to do their first “gay dance”. Unless of course we count the Kent/Neil contemporary dance from a few seasons back - they tried to say it was about “best friends” but they pretty much had anal sex on stage.

    And THAT’S IT? W. O. W.

    Travis deserves to be fired for that one.

    Travis…what. the. fuck.

    It was the most melodramatic, phoned-in, basic ass contemporary number the show has ever produced. THE ANGST FACES! THE LIFTING ONE PERSON UP WHILE THEY FLAIL! THE TENDER EMBRACES EVERY FOUR SECONDS! ALL THOSE “CONTEMPORARY 101” MOVES! And those aaaaangst faces!

    It was SO weird.

    It was African Child Solider Dance weird.

    It felt very “Tyce trying to win an emmy”.

    Like…that was pretty much the Cancer Dance. And ok, maybe I’ll get a lot of hate for not enjoying the Cancer Dance, but it was a grown-ass woman in a scarf puling angst face and being tossed around. It was weird, ok?

    Back to this dance.

    It was shit.

    And after all these years of silence on the gay thing - even though 90% of the seasons have had a gay finalist and every week they bring out their token gays to judge this shit - that is all they can do?

    A couple angsty-face hugs in white outfits set to WING BENEATH MY FUCKING WINGS?


    Nope nope nope nope.

    This show needs to be stopped.

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    Present mood.

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    katy perry is the personification of the noise flip flops make when they slap ur feet while ur walking

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    Dear STFU-Moffat and associates,

    From now on, I insist you describe Steven Moffat as “Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat.” Just to make sure you’re being fair.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is a queerbaiting hack

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat’s writing features sexism and overly complicated plots that don’t really make any sense.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat has characters needlessly tell the viewer information that he should be showing them.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is incapable of creating real emotional stakes in his stories.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat calls teenage mother a ‘slut’ in DVD commentary

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat says bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch television, and therefore don’t need representing.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks asexuals are too boring to write about. 

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks that rather than having a female Doctor, it’s about time a man played the Queen despite the fact that men had all the roles of any kind for over 400 years.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat hasn’t had a woman writer for doctor who since Russell T. Davies

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat won an award from an entertainment industry that is to its bones highly racist, sexist, homophobic, amongst a host of other things, including being extremely resistant to change, and as a result, Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is rewarded for being less than mediocre, incomprehensible, and offensive as fuck.

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat encourages and participates in rape culture by blaming women when men ogle them and making light of sexual assault. 

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat uses every Orientalist trope under the sun and constantly dehumanises, shames and dismisses women of colour. 

    Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat can’t be bothered to write episodes that pass the Bechdel test.

  10. ace-enjolras:

    I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”

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